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Care and Fit Q&A

Care for Bras

Bra Fit Q&A

Q:  How often should I replace my bras?
A: The typical lifespan of a bra is approximately six months.

Q:  How often should I be measured?
A: At least every six months, especially if you experience any changes in weight.

Q:  Are your bra straps digging in?
A: Try loosening the straps. If they’re still digging, try going up a cup size for a better fit.

Q:  Are your bra straps slipping?
A: Try tightening the straps. If there’s still a problem, your bra may have lost elasticity & it’s time for a new one.

Q:  Are your breasts spilling over the top of your bra?
A: Buying a bra one cup size larger should help.

Q:  Does your bra band ride up in the back?
A: Try tightening your bra a notch. If that doesn’t help, you probably need to go down a band size and maybe a cup size, too.

Q:  Does your underwire poke you?
A: Try going up a cup size. Yours is probably too small.

Q:  Is it normal to have different size breasts?
A: It is! Approximately 40% of women have one breast that’s larger than the other. Choose a bra that fits the larger size.

Care for panties

Panty and Shapewear Fit Q&A

Q: The waistband keeps bunching up and rolling over. But it fits well across the backside. What should I do?

A: You're probably wearing the wrong style or size. The waist should be snug, but not binding, and stay in place comfortably. You should also be able to pull on the panty easily over your hips. Try a smaller size or different style.

Q: The legs of my panties are really binding - I even get grooves along my thighs. What are my alternatives?

A: Legs should not cut or bind at the thigh. Measure to make sure you're wearing the right size. Then check how you're wearing your panty - are the leg openings arched evenly from side to side? Is the fabric skewed or bunched? If you're wearing the panty properly and it's still uncomfortable, try a hi cut style.

Q: My panties keep riding up. I can't keep ducking into closets to tug them into place, so what can I do?

A: Get the right size! A proper fit means the panty is balanced and symmetrical, cupping the buttocks evenly. If you're tugging, check your proper size with our fit guide.