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Our Helpful Sizing Guide

We want you to feel comfortable, supported and to look great, and believe finding the right bra style and more importantly the right fit, can make all the difference. The most common fitting issues we come across are wearing a band size too loose and a cup size that is too small. 

How to Find Your Size 

Band size

Step 1

Hold the tape measure around your back at band level, and then bring it to the front just above your bust. If your result number is an even number (32-34-36-38-40) that is your size. If your result number is an odd number (31-33-35-37-39) add it an inch to determine your band size, example: 31+1=32


Cup size

Step 2

Measure completely around the fullest part of your bust, then subtract to this result number your band size, each inch represent a cup size. Example: If your bust size is 36” and your band size is 34”, the difference between both measurements are two inches, it is to say you should wear a B cup, find your cup on the chart. Difference Cup


Bra sizes


 Panty size 

Step 1

Measure completely around the fullest part of your hips, and then look for the correspondent size on the table according to your result number.
When measuring your size we recommend you to use underwear.


Panty size


Panty size (swimsuit)

The top of our swimsuits model your bust:

Triangles, and removal cups, GAP bras and structured strapless in cups A-B-C-D. 


Triangle size 


Shapewear size

Follow these steps to determine your shapewear size.

Step 1 measure your waist and hips
Step 2 now you must choose the compression level

  • Mild Control Smooth compression to contour your body comfortably.
  • Firm Control Higher compression to define body lines or to reduce inches

Step 3 locate your size on the chart, locate your waist and hip measurements, where they intersect is your shapewear size.


Vedette Women's Sizing Chart

General Size

Waist Measurement 
(in inches)

(8" from waist)


20 - 25

30 - 32


22 - 25

32 -35


25 - 27

35 - 38


27 - 31

38 - 41


31 - 35

41- 45


35 - 40

45 - 49


40 - 44

49 - 53


44 - 48

53 - 57


48 - 53

57 - 61